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Taproot Drums & JJ Audio - Hemp Snare Sample

Taproot Drums & JJ Audio - Hemp Snare Sample

Taproot Drums, an eco-friendly drum gear company, and Joshua Johnson Audio, a music production studio, teamed up to bring you the Taproot Hemp Snare Drum Sample.


The sampled drum is a 14 inches in diameter, hand-made with hemp wood by Sean Andres of Taproot Drums, and was recorded, engineered, edited, and mixed by Joshua Johnson Audio at Atrium Audio in Lititz, PA. 


This sample is multi-velocity and has multiple articulations - procuring hard-hitting rock sounds, as well as classic funk sounds and an assortment of auxillary snare sounds (short buzzes, long buzzes, high rimclicks, low rimclicks). 


Check out your next favorite snare drum sample, and try it in your next production! 


Files are delivered in TCI Trigger files, and WAV files at 44.1kHz 24 bit. 

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