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Small Studio,
Big Sound.


Joshua Johnson​ 

Music Producer / Mixing Engineer / Mastering Engineer

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"Josh is the real deal and worth the time and every cent if you want your project to sound like a well-polished and produced work of art. "

Westley Sickler - Songwriter, Guitarist


My name is Josh, and I want to take your songs to the next level.

Looking for a modern, heavy, and crushing mix? I will work with you to achieve that huge and polished sound that you are looking for in your next release. As a drummer, guitarist, band member, and audio engineer, I have the real world experience and insider knowledge of the heavy music genre to bring your productions to life.



Record in Josh's space designed for vocals, guitars, and bass to capture great performances, and pick your choice of local studios to ensure stellar-sounding drums.


Turn your recordings into the modern sound that you’ve been envisioning, with the utmost attention to detail applied to your mix every step of the way.


The final step of your mix - carefully analyzed and polished for your big release into the commercial world of music.

Podcast Production

There are so many podcast options for listeners out there that it’s a must-have for your podcast to sound great. Have your podcast edited and sounding crystal clear so your audience isn’t distracted by extraneous noises, “um’s”, or muffled recordings.

Featured Works

a taproot drums and joshua johnson audio collaboration

Hemp Snare Sample



Music Equipment

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